iljin electric

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Provider for Tomorrow - We are a leading advanced materials company striving to open the door for the future

Technology & Know-how - One of the world's 3 largest industrial diamond manufacturers

Unique technological innovations achieved with differentiation and expertise - R&D using 10% of sales

TOP 3 of the Super abrasive Material Industry - Top 3 global leading company

leading company of Tool Material - Solution provider and quality innovator in the industry

Products - Implementing Strict Quality Management System

Synthetic Diamond

ILJIN Synthetic Diamond (ISD) is used in saw blades, cutters, core drill bits, etc. which are tools used to cut and process construction and civil engineering materials such as stones, concrete and asphalt. ISD made by ILJIN has the high durability and cutting force essential in the construction and stone material fields, and is the result of our continuous innovation and technology development to produce an industrial diamond using HPHT technology.





Stone, Mining & Construction

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